According to¬†Alberto Forchielli, managing director at Mandarin Capital Partners, the best way to enter the Chinese market is to take on Chinese capital. Going to China with Chinese money ensures total alignment of interests when expanding into that market. Hence finding the right investment partner is key for success. And you got to love being in China. Alberto makes a point of highlighting this by highlighting that if you start craving pizza and spaghetti¬†shortly after arriving there, then you shouldn’t be there. We argue this is the case for all markets, but maybe more so in the Chinese case.

You got to be an early entrant, and execution needs to be extremely quick, and close to perfect. Where sometimes a market segment can grow at 20% a year, supply can outgrow demand at 40% given how much investment capital is available. The market is currently craving for health and pharmaceutical products, oil and gas equipment, and specialty chemicals. But look again in six months and the demand will have changed beyond recognition.

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The group of entrepreneurs behind Almeida believe there is a growing requirement for a service platform for supporting fast growing small and medium businesses in achieving their full potential. We improve and extend our customers’ business development capabilities whilst simultaneously supporting them in scaling up, enabling sustainable revenue growth.

Our offer consists of two streams of support:

grow-up) Strategy, Marketing and Business Development to drive companies away from competitive pressure and allow them to thrive;


behave) Management Consulting specifically geared towards targeting the bottlenecks and risks of growth in SMEs.

The background of Almeida’s shareholders include creation and structuring of fast growing companies and change management projects within large organisations in both high-tech and traditional sectors, and include companies such as Siemens, Oracle, Westland Helicopters and Critical Software.

The name of the company is inspired in the location that sits on the Portuguese side of the border with Spain, close to Ciudad Rodrigo; this location was highly relevant during the peninsular wars 200 years ago. The origin of the word is the Arab “Al ma’ida” which stands for “the family which lives on the plateau” or in a more liberal interpretation “those who prefer vantage points”.